5 Questions to Ask Before Putting in a Pool

Infinity pool designs

The fourth most popular sport or activity in the United States is swimming. It’s also great exercise, burning as much as 650 calories in an hour when done vigorously. And it’s the most popular recreation of all for kids between the ages of seven and 17. These are all great reasons to consider getting your own new pool. With all the choices of design in the fiberglass inground pool, infinity pool designs, or custom swimming pools, there’s never been a better time to consider getting one. But how to choose the right one for your home?

Remember the Limitations of Pools

Unlike other things in life, you have to get your pool size right from the beginning. Once that fiberglass inground pool is installed, the pool design can’t be changed. It can’t be stretched or pulled. It can’t be shrunk or made to go in a different direction. Once you commit, there’s no going back without a huge outlay of funds to tear it all up and start again. So make sure you ask yourself the right questions in advance:

  1. Who will use the pool, and how often? It’s conceivable that your kids will occasionally want a pool party where a dozen kids will come. But is that likely to be the main use for the pool? If not, you don’t actually need a huge pool. Kids often say they want a big pool, but they also often say they want a really big ice cream sundae, too. Kids don’t refuse to go swimming because the pool is smaller than they might have wanted.
  2. Will anyone want to use the pool for exercise laps? This makes a big difference to the potential length of your pool. While it’s possible to do laps with a tether system in any size of a pool if you want to really swim those laps the pool should likely be at least 30 feet.
  3. How much deep area do you need? Before you start laying that fiberglass indoor pool, think about depth. How old are your kids? How much deep space do you want? How long do you plan to live in this house? An inground swimming pool is a big investment, so make sure you think and ask questions before choosing your length and your depth.
  4. What style of pool appeals to you, and what is your budget? There are both inground and above ground swimming pools. In the United States, 47% of our 10.6 million pools are above ground while more than 50% are inground. Above ground, pools are significantly cheaper to install than a fiberglass inground pool. But they are also more unsightly and can have a shorter life.
  5. How much stuff do you want to fit around the pool? You don’t want to just fill the whole backyard with pool. What will you want beside the pool? Will you have people who want to lounge and tan? Do you want grills and furniture for sitting and eating? What about a swing set or other playground equipment for when it’s too cold to swim? These are all things you need to take into consideration.

A pool is an amazing thing to have. It brings joy to kids, makes your home the place to be on the whole block, provides you with a great way to exercise, and adds significantly to the value of your home. If you want to have a pool, ask yourself the right questions first. Don’t be afraid to talk to a professional and get some advice. Then put in the fiberglass inground pool or above ground pool of your dreams.


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