610 Sports Radio

Sports radio

Channel 610 sports radio is a station that plays sports radio throughout the country.

In Philadelphia, WIP broadcasts on 610 sports radio. WIP was not always a sports station. The station was begun in nineteen twenty two. In nineteen eighty eight, it completed a two year transition from a commercial radio station to a sports station. The station began adding sports programming, and slowly added more sports to replace music hosts as they left the station. They continued playing music on Saturday mornings until the switch was completed. The stations broadcasters are located in Bellmawr New Jersey, in the Crescent Park section.

In Houston, KILT broadcasts from 610 sports radio. KILT was a top forties music station for many years in Houston. It became a sports talk station in nineteen fifty five.

In Kansas City, Missouri, the 610 sports radio station is KCSP. When the station began in two thousand and three, it had the slogan The Football Channel. However, it is currently a flagship station of the Kansas City Royals baseball team. It acquired the rights to the Royals in two thousand eight. The Kansas Jayhawks network also broadcasts on KCSP. When the station debuted as a sports station in two thousand three, it made a instantaneous switch from a music station to a sports station. The Kansas City station has a rivalry with WHB, which became a sports station in nineteen ninety seven.

Many of the sports radio 610 networks have the option to listen online, so if you do not have a radio at work or in your home it is easy to access 610 sports radio on your computer. The networks that offer this option include Philadelphias WIP and Kansas Citys KCSP.

610 sports radio also has a twitter that you can follow. The twitter is based on the Houston radio network, KILT.

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