7 Dirt Bike Equipment You Can’t Do Without

You are not a dirt bike rider without these essential gears.

Dirt bike riding is not only about turns and thrills. It’s also about staying safe all throughout.

Such an adrenaline-pumping sport is a magnet for accidents. Depending on the situation, if you’re wearing protective gear, fatal injuries can be avoided.

You don’t necessarily have to buy every piece of gear from your motorcycle dealer. But you need to have these 7 extremely important dirt bike equipment before your next ride out.

1. Headgear

Did you know that up to 75% of motorcycle accidents involve a collision with an automobile and helmeted riders suffered fewer neck injuries compared to un-helmeted riders?

That’s why a helmet is the most important gear that you should have.

It’s for your head’s protection, so don’t settle for low-quality gear. Look for one that offers good ventilation. It won’t give you the feeling of suffocation on a hot day.

Your best choices of materials are either carbon fiber or fiberglass. The latter is cheaper but heavier.

2. Goggles

As you ride the trails, your eyes are widely exposed to dust, insects, tree branches, and other debris. There will always be a chance of getting roosted as well.

To keep your eyes safe, you need to wear good goggles.

You should choose goggles that come with high-quality foam. This foam is always in direct contact with your face so you should be comfortable wearing it.

Aside from debris, your goggles will also give you a clear view of the road if you purchase those with anti-fog or glare reduction features.

3. Gloves

Your grip on your bike is very important and the right dirt bike equipment can help.

Wearing the right gloves can help you maintain your hold (and thus your control) on your bike, regardless if there’s dirt or water hitting you. That’s why a glove should be tight-fitting, which helps prevent any elements from affecting your hands.

You should always go for gloves that have knuckle and palm reinforcements. Some models even have a pre-curved shape to help maintain that natural grip position effortlessly.

4. Backpack

While you can just strap on any backpack to hold your essentials, not all of them are built to endure the trails. You need one that has good ventilation, allowing your back to “breathe”.

If you’re not planning to carry too much stuff on your excursions to nature, at least have one that can hydrate you easily.

You should also choose a bike bag that is resistant to the elements.

5. Chest Protector

There’s dirt bike equipment for your torso as well. Even if you’re wearing a dirt bike jersey, it doesn’t mean that you’re fully safe from injuries. Chest protectors should be worn to guard your upper torso, which includes your ribs, spine, and collarbone.

It also helps to minimize impacts that could affect your heart and lungs.

A good chest protector should have impact-absorbing foam layers. It should also firmly fit your body shape.

6. Knee Braces

You don’t have to crash to hurt your knee while motorcycling. That’s because your knees are working full time when you ride your bike. You use it to squeeze your motorcycle and help control it. It absorbs the shock as you go through the rough trails.

Most knee injuries occur when cornering or when jumping off the peg.

Wearing knee braces helps prevents this. You need to pick one that has a strong patella cap. You also want knee guards that lessen hyperextension or twisting.

7. Boots

Good boots should keep you safe even if you hit tree branches along the path. It should protect your ankles if you have to make sudden turns.

Entry-level boots offer almost no ankle support. You have more freedom of movement but the footgear will not keep you safe from serious injuries.

On the other hand, high-end boots give you ample protection. You can test a good boot by how firm it is when you try to bend your ankles.

Dirt Bike Equipment for Safety

There’s one thing that will most certainly cause you injuries even with all these protective motorcycle equipment on. A bike that has already clapped out should be replaced.

You can always find a better one. Dirt bikes for sale in Michigan are aplenty, and the same goes for other states as well. You can also check online for some good deals happening in the area.

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