A Guide On Rolled And Shaved Bats

The use of rolled and shaved bats among players has increased tremendously. There are a lot of reasons that have contributed to this occurrence. Every softball player desires to have increased swing speed, hit the ball farther and faster, and enjoy an improved overall performance. Unfortunately, all that comes with obligations. Training is very fundamental in that regard, alongside using an efficient bat. The bats can be made efficient by rolling and shaving them. But this procedure has to be undertaken with great expertise. It is very important you access reliable bat shaving and rolling services. This is a task that should be undertaken with much discretion and attention. Doing so will ensure you find a professional who will roll and shave the bat on your behalf. With great expertise at playing during the entire process, you will end up with an efficient softball bat.

What Do Rolled and Shaved Bats Offer?

Rolled and shaved bats come with substantial advantages meant to be enjoyed by the user. These doctored bats have been altered using great expertise to make them more effective and efficient to the player. This means the player will be able to:

Increase Swing Speed

Swing speed can be improved easily while using a flexible bat. This kind of bat can be achieved through rolling and shaving it to cause a break-in and get rid of all composites. In that connection, this equipment will be lighter and easy for the player to swing and hit the ball harder. With the increased speed, the softball will definitely, travel faster and for a longer distance. This will automatically improve your game.

Improve the Players Confidence Levels

The urge to be competitive and improve performance is the desire of every player. Softball players want to hit the ball faster and farther. It not only makes them good at this sport but will also boost their confidence going into tournaments or games. To achieve that, players will need to use rolled and shaved bats. They are very flexible for making repeated swings and increased speed. Making such swings especially while practicing will put you in a spirited mood for the upcoming matches.


A normal bat contains composites that tend to make it significantly heavier. Moving around with it might not only be stressful but frustrating. But a rolled and shaved bat is considerable light thus making it much portable. This is why you can easily swing it repeatedly without getting too fatigued. It is a great invention that every player can capitalize on to witness an improved performance in their game.

Hit With More Power

Bat rolling provides more power. The rolled bat fortifies and makes the fibers more flexible. In return, the rebound nature of your bat is increased tremendously. This will allow you to hit the softball with more power allowing it to travel at a greater speed and distance.


Bat rolling and shaving services have helped many baseball and softball players to improve significantly. The shaved and rolled bats are more flexible, lightweight, durable, and provide more hitting power while in use. In that regard, the player is able to make more repeated swings with a lot of ease and hit the ball to a greater distance.