Buying the Right Boat

Humanity has always had a close relationship with water, using it for fishing, trading, transport, and warfare. Boats range from kayaks and wooden galleons in the Age of Discovery all the way to steam liners and cruise ships, but for most American citizens, boats are privately owned recreational vehicles, and if the right model is chosen and taken care of, a boat can be an excellent investment and great fun to ride on. Pontoon boats, fast sports boats, and more are all available from retailers and secondary sellers, and finding a used boat for sale or Arctic Cat dealers can be just an Internet Search or phone call away. Pontoon boats for sale in Florida, sports boats rentals off the California coast, or an Arctic Cat dealer in Michigan can all connect buyers with the perfect boat.

Who Rides Boats?

Boating is popular in the United States, and thus is big business. Often, it is middle class households who invest in boating, with 72% of boat owners having households incomes of $100,000 or under. For the business as a whole, some 95% of Boats sold in the United States are American made, and powerboat sales were projected to rise between 6% and 7% over the course of 2016. And every year, in American sales of boats, marine services and product sales rose 3% in the year 2016 and reached $37 billion, and experts believe that trend will endure throughout 2018. And with 95% of Americans living within an hour’s drive of a navigable body of water, there are plenty of customers, and dealers can be found nearly anywhere. An Arctic Cat dealer in Michigan, for example, should not be far away, and there are bound to be plenty of boat rental services and used boats for sale all along California’s and Florida’s coasts.

The Right Boat

Different boats are designed for different work. A faster, V shaped boat is not ideal for fishing or partying on a lake, but it can be used for the thrill of fast marine travel, and makes for a great vehicle for wakesurfing and wakeboarding, two sports that have risen in popularity ever since the 1990s. These boats are also ideal for racing, and some models can go very fast. Arctic Cat dealers, and similar dealers, may have powerful boats available for such activities.

Pontoon boats, meanwhile, are intended not for racing, but for leisure. They rarely travel faster than 31 MPH, even under ideal conditions and with just one person on board, but their wide body and ample room mean they are great for small parties and fishing. Pontoon boats also have multiple chairs and couches, small tables, cup holders, and a retractable canopy to make them ideal for picnics or parties, and there is enough room for multiple people to fish off of them. Dealerships in Florida or Massachusetts may have some for sale, and possibly an Arctic Cat dealer in Michigan may have some.

Buying a used boat means inspecting the vehicle carefully for damage and wear and tear. Nothing should be rusty or damaged from barnacles or mussels, and mold, mildew, or rotting wood will have to be taken care of at once. Any cracks or holes in the hull will have to be addressed too, and the motor should be tested to ensure that it runs, and in fact runs at all. Also, boat owners may once in a while replace the boat’s carpeting once the carpet gets too dirty or worn. Specialized carpeting is produced for boats, and once the old carpet is removed and everything is cleaned and smoothed out, the new carpet can be laid down and trimmed to fit exactly. An Arctic Cat dealer in Michigan, for example, may even stock boat supplies such as carpet or glue for customers living in the area. Boat owners are advised to call and see what is available, and at what price.

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