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  • Differences Between Level III AR500 Armor

    Each day, officers risk their lives in the line of duty. Tragically, statistics from 2016 found that 62 of 66 officers killed in the line duty died as the result of firearm assaults. This means police officers need to utilize body armor to stay protected. AR500 is a company well known for making popular types […]

  • Police Tactical Gear Is an Important Part of Police Force Budgets

    After the brave police officer in New York City stopped the driver who plowed through a bike path in front of a school, discussions about body armor begin again. As the nation deals with the latest terror attack on American soil, these discussions about keeping officers safe is very important. From tactical body armor for […]

  • Understand the Basics of Ballistic Body Armor

    Whether you’re in need of ballistic body armor for law enforcement, for personal protection, or in preparation for the impending zombie apocalypse, there are a few things to consider before making a final decision. Shopping for ballistic body armor clothing and other kinds of protective gear can be confusing, especially if you’re unfamiliar with available […]