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  • History of the Golf Simulator

    Ask any avid golfer what gift they want the most, and you will almost always hear a golf simulator. Fans of golf that are “all in” crave the new high definition golf simulators. Have you ever wondered about the history of these simulators? How did golf simulators get their start? How long have they been […]

  • What Are You doing to Stay Active During the Pandemic?

    What Are You doing to Stay Active During the Pandemic?

    Finding a way to stay physically active during the pandemic is important. Fortunately, while there are many businesses struggling there are some that are thriving. Golf courses and related activities are on the list of the groups that are thriving during the months of Covid 19. By definition, a sport that involves time outside and […]

  • The Benefits Of Buying A Golfing Simulator

    From top golf simulators to going out for a day on the green, there’s no doubt about it that golf has remained one of most widely cherished activities in the United States. And golf is not just a past time of Americans, as its origin dates back to Scotland, more than five hundred years ago. […]