Create a Great Day at the Lake with a Full Service Marina

Going to the lake is one of those activities that you never forget and never grow out of. The lake has a universal appeal that’s fun for people of all ages. Whether you want to lounge around and relax or get out on the water and engage in a physically challenging sport, a full service marina will allow you to have a perfect day out on the lake.

Create Your Lake Experience

At places like Lake Berryessa in Napa, you’ll find full service marina establishments that provide boat and equipment rentals of all kinds, from personal watercraft to boating accessories. These marinas often usually have electricity, telephone service and high-speed internet connections available at boat slips. You can simply park your patio boat, pontoon or whatever watercraft you’re using, and take advantage of all these services when you like. This allows you to enjoy the perks of modern life, even while you’re isolated from the pressures of modern life.

You can also find jet ski rental places and other equipment rentals that make being out on the lake much more fun. While you’re there, why not take full advantage of everything you can do on the lake? More than 87 million adults in the U.S. participate in recreational boating, and if that many people are doing it then there must be something to it. More than 19% of millennials participate in watersports, and more than 13% of the entire U.S. population engaged in sports on the water in 2017 alone.

Create your lake experience by renting personal watercraft and the items you need to enjoy water sports, such as wakeboarding gear. Look into jet ski rentals, and learn about renting an entire boat if you don’t own your own. A boat rental allows you to enjoy all the fun and freedom of boating, but you won’t have to store and transport the boat when your time at the lake is over.

Other Options for Your Day at the Lake

A full service marina will provide you with all sorts of options for enjoying the water. Many marinas like this also provide charter services, so you can take a tour of the lake or go on a fishing excursion. You’ll also often find shops if you need to buy fishing gear, bathing suits, inflatables or other lake accessories. Some places even offer fish cleaning and processing shops, photography services and shops that sell camping gear, groceries and food. In other words, you can usually find every service you need at these types of marinas.

When you plan your day on the lake, plan to go to a lake that has all the amenities you’re looking for and the rental equipment you want to use through a full service marina. After all, creating lifelong memories starts with being well-prepared and thinking ahead.

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