Encourage Children to Engage in Outdoor Play With a New Playground

It’s important to create the time and a place for children to engage in outdoor playtime. In addition to having fun and socializing with other children, outdoor play can provide them with the exercise that they require. Parks with high-quality playground equipment, such as a playground climbing wall, can provide an excellent place for children to enjoy themselves and develop physical and other important skills.

Recommended Amount of Exercise for Children

Experts report that children should exercise moderately for at least an hour a day. When children receive this level of exercise, it can assist them with maintaining a healthy weight. Recent data shows that just 43% of American children between the ages of six to 11 years old are engaging in this recommended amount of exercise.

Reasons Why Children May Not Receive Enough Exercise

One of the reasons many children may not be receiving enough exercise is due to an absence of school recess time. Just 73% of school districts provide recess time for elementary school students in this country. Another reason why children may not be encouraged or feel like playing outdoors is due to there not being an area for them to play. If a school or community’s playground equipment is in disrepair, rebuilding it can make a difference. It’s been shown that this can increase their play time by as much as 66%, which is substantial.

Contact a Playground Equipment Service

Whether you are connected with a local community center, church, government office, school, or another organization, you can make a difference by providing new playground equipment. In addition to a playground climbing wall and a horse spring rider, you may want to consider having a few custom playground items built. Themed playgrounds are quite popular with children, and can bring them hours of fun along with the exercise that they require.

If you already have a playground that’s in disrepair, a playground equipment service can assist you with rebuilding it. Once you contact a representative, they will be able to provide you with more information about the type of play equipment they have or can custom make for your playground. At this time, you will also be able to learn more about all of the services that they can provide.

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