Facts On Body Armor Clothing

Police safety

In the United States, there is no job more dangerous than being a police officer. Every year, brave men and women sign up to work as Officers of the law and work to defend the general public from harm and crime. Police safety is of the highest order in the world of police officer law and thus they have developed body armor clothing to help protect police officers.

Newly designed tactical gear is the highest form of technology and looks to protect officers in almost every situation that they may find themselves in. This is important because as previously mentioned, this is a job that can get incredibly dangerous very quickly and no officer wants to be left vulnerable. Here is what people should know about tactical gear for law enforcement, and body armor plates, bulletproof body armor, and body armor clothing.

Body armor clothing designed for police officers is of the highest quality and is designed to protect them from danger. Police officers across the nation work hard to help the citizens of the United States and should feel safe while on the job. Understand that government data has been collected and released and it has revealed that over the past 10 years there have been almost 60,000 assaults a year on police officers across the country.

During the last ten years over one-third of all deaths involving law enforcement officers were caused by gunshots. This statistics means that the second leading cause of police officer deaths, after motor vehicle accidents, is a gunshot wound. This is why body armor clothing has been developed to help prevent these fatal incidents from taking place so that way officers can feel safe on the job.

Vests of armor designed for body armor clothing have helped to save the lives of over 3,000 cops over the past thirty years which is a great help Understand that since 1978, more than 87 New York City police officers have been saved by body armor clothing. For police officers that do not wear vests, the risks of dying from a gunshot wound to the torso is almost 3.5 times higher for them as opposed to officers that do not wear body armor clothing.

The Bureau of Justice has released statistics revealing that over 70% of all local police departments require officers to wear vests and other types of body armor clothing at all times. This is because 20% of all officers that passed away due to a gunshot wound to the torso while wearing body armor clothing died because the shot with ammunition was more powerful than the armor’s ability to stop the shot. So sometimes body armor clothing is not enough to save the officer but it still needs to be worn to give the officer a chance.

Data has been released by the FBI that has shown that just about 66 police officers were criminally killed in the line of duty in the year of 2016. Of those 66 officers, just about 62 of them were assaulted with firearms, some type of gun.Also, according to the FBI, just about 33 law enforcement officers were feloniously killed with their own weapon over the past decade.

In Conclusion

Every single year a large number of police officers will deal with the danger that could directly impact their lives in the form of a fatal injury. These officers should not feel the threat of constant danger while on the job. There is no question that these officers work hard to protect the citizens of America and they should be protected while in the field of work. These people are brave enough to sign up for danger and they should be given body armor clothing to help protect them from danger.

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