Four Reasons Internet Radio is Great for Sports Fans

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Late summer and early fall is one of, if not the, most exciting times of year for sports fans. Right now, the MLB playoff races are almost finished, the NHL and NBA are gearing up for a new season, and, of course, the NFL season is underway. But while die hard fans might love this time if year, it can be tough for them to keep up with all of their favorite teams and players. In order to do so, they might want to listen to online sports radio programs from around the country that provide all kinds of cool sports facts. According to a 2011 eMarketer report, some 80 million people listen to online radio which should come as no surprise considering the advantages.

Listen from Anywhere

Most online sports radio stations are program work well with mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. Because of that, they give people the freedom to listen to sports radio live without having to be near a radio. Though listening to sports talk and music is a great way to kill time while stuck in traffic, listening on the internet provides far more freedom than the car stereo.

Hear Out of Market Programs

While lots of people are fans of the sports teams who play close to home – like in Green Bay where the Packers are publicly owned – many are fans of teams from other cities. If that is the case, it can be hard to get regular updates or listen to stories and opinions. But since many sports radio stations have live streaming options, fans can listen to all the latest stories about their favorite teams, no matter where they live.

Never a Poor Signal

Digital and satellite radio programming is giving FM and AM stations a run for their money, but the reality is that many radio listeners still have trouble picking up a signal. By listening to online sports radio shows, they only have to worry about having a secure internet connection. Gone are the days of twisting the dial and hoping to get rid of the static that interrupts radio frequencies.

Hear Replays

Unfortunately, work schedules and responsibilities are hardly ever built around how much a fan wants to see the big game or learn more about their team, so it can be hard to catch good programming at the same time every day. But nowadays, many radio stations are recording their best programs and putting them online in Podcasts and other formats. This means that fans can tune in at a time that is most convenient to get updates.

While traditional radio options will always have their place, especially since there isn’t a worldwide WiFi that can be accessed from cars, internet radio is becoming a great option. It allows more flexibility and options that make it a tremendous resource for sports fans.

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