How to Dive Off of Swimming Pool Starting Blocks

How you dive off a swimming pool starting block determines whether you will lose or win a competition. Swimmers who start the right way generate a significant amount of velocity and use it throughout the race.Want to learn more on how to be a pro? Follow these steps and watch this instructional video on how great swimmers dive off swimming pool starting blocks.
Step 1: Step onto the starting block and make sure you feel steady before proceeding.

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Step 2: Put your more muscular foot forward on the block facing straight ahead and ensure that the distance between your feet is approximately your shoulder width.
Step 3: Curl your strong foot toe over the edge of the starting block to enable you to push your body off the block with maximum force.
Step 4: Crouch down and ensure your head is down and your chin is touching your chest directly between your knees.
Step 5: When the trigger goes off, use your curled toes to give your body a forceful push as you simultaneously throw your arms forward into a streamlined position.
Hope this was of help and good luck in your practice.

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