How to Properly Grip a Pistol

As seen in the video “Proper Pistol Grip – Navy SEAL Teaches How to Grip a Pistol,” it is essential to be safe and proficient with a handgun. For this reason, it is crucial to know how to grip the firearm properly. Practicing a suitable gun grip will ensure proper aim and trigger control. Without an accurate shot on target, you may just be listing around and missing wildly.

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You could also end up injuring yourself.

The pistol type affects how you should hold the gun. To control recoil, use proper recoil control techniques as you shoot your pistol at the target. A critical aspect of your gun grip is ensuring your index finger is alongside the trigger guard. While resting on the gun’s frame, the index finger supports you as you fire at your target. The grip of your hand should not be too close to the trigger or too far away from it.

In addition, the wrist must be in line with the forearm when holding a pistol. Gripping too close can cause discomfort and fatigue in your hand. Even worse, it can lead to an accidental discharge. Another important aspect of shooting is knowing how to aim your gun correctly. Make sure that you look at your target before firing. Overall, avoid using a finger to frame contact when holding the pistol.


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