Is brunch the right meal to serve at my event?

Celebrations are such a great way to get the family together and make some memories. There is always something to celebrate whether it be a wedding, birthday party, holiday or family reunion. Every party should include food items for all guests invited no matter what age. Plan ahead to ensure you have the right menu for everyone.

If your celebrating a wedding reception why not celebrate with brunch at a great party venue. Brunch is a great way to spend lots of time with family as it combines the two meals and time slots. You can have an omelette bar, breakfast buffet and its not too early to start thinking about some grown up drinks at brunch time either. Choosing the menu is a lot of fun as you can get wild and crazy with your brunch combinations. Wedding receptions booked for brunch also leave the bride and groom free to enjoy a romantic dinner when they are finished. This is like extending the honeymoon time and creating another great memory on top of the great ones you just enjoyed with friends and family.

You can celebrate with brunch at a family reunion as well. By having a family brunch at a venue with a public golf course you can entertain your guests and have a friendly golf tournament as well. Creating a brunch menu to feed your whole family reunion party is as easy as you can imagine. Having a self serve buffet is a great way to have family interacting around their food and enjoying themselves even before the activities start. Brunch originated in England and never made a statement in the United States for 30 years after.

Celebrate with brunch at birthday parties, its a great option for guests of all ages. You can create a menu that suits children and adults by making it a brunch party. Having your party serve brunch is a great way to keep your guests full through the entire party as well. I can’t count how many times we have gone to early morning parties only to have the kids starving by lunch time and there is no more food to be had. Having the kids help with the menu planning is an excellent way to ensure they will eat what is served as well. There is nothing worse then paying for quality food and having kids complain about what is being served.

So when planning your next party think about celebrating with brunch. It is the best time of day to be with all members of the family. Not close to bed times for kids and not too early in the morning to have a cocktail with your meal.

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