The Grand Canyon and You — the Perfect Place for You to Adventure, and Reconnect With Nature

Rafting trips in the grand canyon

Have you ever found yourself in search of an adventurous vacation unlike anything you’ve seen before? Grand Canyon white water rafting tours are some of the most fun, close-to-nature, adventure-filled things you can do, anywhere in the United States.

Famous the world over for it’s beauty and archeological wonderment, the Grand Canyon also plays host to a number of activities that any thrill-seeker would find irresistible.

To begin with, Grand Canyon white water rafting may not be for the faint of heart. Here, you’ll barrel down the meandering twists and turns of the Colorado river at speeds you may not be used to unless you’re an experienced kayaker. The sites you’ll see, the oneness you’ll feel with nature — they’re second to none.

Colorado river rafting tours are popular
. It’s been found that around 25% of all Americans currently participate in, or are planning on participating, in white water rafting in locations like the Colorado river.

Believe it or not, the Grand Canyon is nowhere near the world’s largest, or deepest canyon or gorge. On average, the depth of the canyon is about a mile, and the sinuous path wends about 277 miles. In other words, it’s a very large canyon, certainly, though there are much larger ones around the world. One of the reasons the Grand Canyon is so prominent in the eyes of so many is because of how accessible it is, and how pleasing it is as a tourist location.

Whether or not you’re looking to take a vacation somewhere you’ve never been before, experience new adventures and activities even the most fervent thrill-seekers would fall in love with, consider the Grand Canyon. Virtually no other place on Earth offers the same sort of intimacy with nature, the destinations, the activities, the history, geology, photography, and other once in a lifetime opportunities that the Grand Canyon does.

Feel free to share your experiences there below, as well as any questions, comments, and concerns you may have. It’s time you took a look at some Grand Canyon white water rafting tours.

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