The Recreational Boating Industry From Ongoing Growth to Employment Opportunities

Almost all Americans live relatively close to some type of navigable body of water. Recent data showed that 95% live within an hour’s drive, which tends to encourage recreational boating and other water-based activities throughout the year. In many instances, owners will transport their boats on trailers to their favorite local waterways. Most, or 95% of these powerboats, personal watercraft, and sailboats aren’t longer than 26 feet, which makes them easier to tow.

A Brief Overview of the Recreational Boating Industry’s Growth

The recreational boating industry has experienced growth over the past few years and continued increases are expected. In 2016, for example, dollar sales for new boats were valued at $8.4 billion. Boat sales, marine products, and services rose three percent during 2016, with an overall value of $37 billion. Expected increases for 2017 were ten percent to 11%. Projections on new powerboat sales alone at that time were between six percent and seven percent. The increase in annual U.S. sales was expected throughout 2018.

A Brief Overview of the Recreational Boating Industry’s Employment Figures

It’s important to note that 95% of the boats being sold within the U.S. are manufactured here rather than in other countries. Given this, the recreational boating industry provides jobs, supports local businesses, and contributes to this country’s economy. Direct, indirect, and induced spending has amounted to over $121.5 billion. As a result of this economic impact, there are 650,000 Americans employed in direct and indirect positions at almost 35,000 small businesses.

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