Thinking of Adding to Your Dock? Make Sure You Use the Proper Hardware

The humble dock may not seem like much at first glance. However, docks are actually substantial engineering feats. Advances in dock design and construction have helped aid sea and waterway travel, which in turn spurs trade and the movement of people. That said, even the best-constructed dock will eventually wear down. Fortunately, you can find dock repair companies as well as seawall repair contractors and other relevant service providers.

When it comes to dock restoration and repairs, there are many factors that must be considered. First, it’s important to understand local environmental conditions, including the waterways themselves, as well as weather conditions and more. Docks set up in saltwater environments, for example, may be subtly different from docks set up in freshwater. What’s important is finding the right dock for any given situation.

When hiring a dock service, you should also ask about any specialized services you might need. For example, you might need someone who can work on deepwater docks, or perhaps a company that specializes in floating dock repair. With specialized jobs, it’s crucial to find contractors and service providers who have all of the specialized skills, tools, and equipment needed to complete a job.

Dock ladders

The most recent National Recreational Boating Survey conducted by the U.S. Coast Guard, which was completed in 2011, found that nearly 30% of all American households had at least one member who was on a boat, canoe, or kayak during the year. For many, especially those who live right on or near a lake, having a dock is the best way to enjoy boating and soaking up the sun regularly. If you are fortunate enough to have a dock, you should equip it with lots of great accessories that help make every trip on the water easier and more fun. To do that, you’ll need to use strong and durable dock hardware that keep accessories secure.

Because marine environments can be particularly harsh, you’ll want to make sure that the dock hardware you use is able to withstand the elements. Though plastics and polymers can sometimes work, generally, galvanized steel is the best option. Items like flat pipe holders, cleat supports, and double backing plates should be made out of steel because neither high winds nor heavy rains will damage or wear them down. Over time, rust could be a concern, but it is preventable and will not necessarily cause the item to break down.

Every boater will have unique requirements when it comes to improving their dock, so you could want something vastly different than even your next-door neighbor. While you might need a dock ladder so that you can easily get out of the water if you like to jump off the end of your dock for the occasional dip to cool down, your neighbor might need a power pedestal that allows him to charge up the electronics on his boat or dock carts that are needed to haul party essentials from the house to the boat.

Of course, most everyone can agree that jet skis and wave runners are a lot of fun and perfect for getting your blood pumping while ripping through the open water. So installing a personal watercraft platform will always prove to be a good idea. They make it easy to launch and park personal craft so you can get an adrenaline rush any time the sun comes out.

Having a personal dock is a luxury that not even every boat owner, let alone every American, gets to enjoy. However, those who do have one should try to get more out of it by adding accessories that make boating experiences more enjoyable. To make sure they are secured properly, be sure to also invest in strong dock hardware that won’t break or come loose, regardless of the weather.

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