Used Boats for Sale Offer a Number of Advantages of for Many People

You have never really been that comfortable out on open water. Although you are a really strong swimmer, you prefer to stay in a pool where it is easy to see the bottom. Thinking back to the time when you were white water rafting with a group of college friends, you still remember the fear you felt when you were separated from the group when you were in the water at the end of the adventure. Pulling your knees to your chest and doing a reverse butterfly stroke while you were on your back, you felt the fast current of the cold water take you across the river and far from both your friends and your comfort zone.

Luckily, you were eventually able to work your way back toward the side of the river where your friends were and tow of your bigger friends swam out to help bring you to safety, but you attribute much of the fear that you have for open water to that day in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado.

For this reason, you were less than excited when your daughter explained that her college gymnastics coach was going to have the whole team and their parents out to the lake. By this point in your life, your rather irrational fear of open water had now even extended to anyone who was in the water, especially if any of those people in the water are one of your two daughters. You were relieved to find out, however, that there were two family friendly looking pontoon boats docked when you arrived at the coach’s house. These boats, of course, would still be out on the water, but the fact that you could get on and off the boat without having to climb first into, and finally out of, a speed boat provided you some comfort.
You might not be looking for boats for sale for your family any time soon, but at least found a way to enjoy the hours the team spent on those pontoon boats that day.

Pontoon Boats Provide a Family Friendly Way to Spend Time on a Lake
Whether you are looking at used boats for sale as your first purchase after inheriting a lake house or you are interested in trading in a used boat for something from the latest inventory of local boat dealers, it is always important to make sure that you understand as much as possible about any purchase that you are making.

Consider these FUN FACTS about the many reasons that people like to spend time on the water with their family and friends:

  • Findings from the latest research indicate that in addition to increases in unit sales of new boats, recreational boating industry dollar sales were expected to rise between 10% and 11% from $8.4 billion in 2016.
  • Unless you have a boating license and understand the safest ways to be on the water, it is not always a good idea to rent a boat that you have no expereince with.
  • Nearly 95% of boats sold in the U.S. are made in the U.S.

  • Friends and family can make a day on the lake one to remember.
  • Approximately 95% of all Americans live within a one hour drive of a navigable body of water.
  • Conditions can vary, but an average pontoon boat under ideal circumstances with only one person can reach 31 miles per hour.
  • There are many people who think of boating as a predominantly “middle-class” activity, with 72% of boat owners having a household income of less than $100,000.
  • Sales of new powerboats were projected to have increased between 6% and 7% during 2016.

Finding a way to enjoy your time on the water is not always easy if you have an experience from your past that was very scary. Fortunately, with the use of the latest pontoon boats there are an increasing number of ways that people can feel more safe when they are out on the water.

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