What To Know Becoming A Country Club Member

A country club is a membership subscription for golf games, recreational activities, and social gatherings or events. To be part of private golf clubs can be a basis of one’s civil status. Membership in private golf clubs can be expensive.

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A country club usually has pools, tennis courts, a gym, and a golf course. Country club membership costs can be expensive, and it includes the maintenance, upgrades, staffing, amenities, and activity offered.

What influences the cost of being a member of a private golf club?

Initiation Fee

Some clubs collect a one-time fee as a membership fee. The initiation fee is the sum of what you need to pay for the club. Some clubs will also refund the initiation once the member decides to end their membership.

Annual Dues

Annual due is a fee that a club member needs to pay regularly. The fee can range from a few hundred to a thousand dollars.

What are the benefits to be part of a private country membership?

Golf privileges

A country club member is entitled to have golf privileges. One reason why many people want to be part of the membership is because of the tee time.

Dining Facilities

The country club does not solely focus on golf courses but, it also offers fancy dining. Country clubs can be a great place to bring your family after a short golf game.


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