Why Kansas City Should Host a Car Rally Circuit

rally sports Kansas City

Over the years, rally sports have become very popular in many parts of the country, and many circuits have been opened up in many large cities. Now, there’s a rallying cry for the best rally sports Kansas City has to offer, including opening up a circuit in this unique, engaging, and fun city. Doing so could provide residents and circuit fans with many excellent benefits, say the supporters of this movement.

Why are people calling for starting a circuit in this specific city? Kansas City has many amenities and features that make it a strong option for a rally sports circuit. We’ll take a look at a handful of the most pressing and discuss how they might influence a decision. And hopefully, if anybody interested in starting a circuit reads this article, they’ll seriously consider Kansas City as a destination of choice.

Kansas City Has a Strong Number of Potential Rally Centers

The best rally sports Kansas City has to offer could be held in many racetracks across the city. The popularity of racing in the area has created many possibilities, making it an exciting potentiality for people interested in trying out racing or the rally experience for the first time.

These racetracks are highly popular with area residents and create a unique opportunity for a rally circuit. All they’d have to do was rent, purchase, or expand on these centers, and they’d have the potential to start up a course worth their money. Just a few options include:

  • KC Raceway Motorsports
  • Kansas Speedway
  • Lakeside Speedway
  • Mr. Motosports
  • Raytown International Raceway
  • Kansas Speedway Camping
  • United Multisports LLC
  • Skip’s R/C Raceway
  • Fastlane Raceway LLC

As a result, many potential racers may find that they could purchase a wrecked Corvette for sale, fix it up, and get started on the rally circuit. However, their ultimate decision will vary based on many factors and must be seriously considered before starting a new course.

For instance, it may be wise to look for Kawasaki vehicle vendors to find a specialized dealer who provides rally-ready vehicles. Otherwise, it may be tough to get a new circuit started. Again, however, it all depends on the state of rally sports in Kansas City and the other factors we’ve outlined below.

Kansas City Has a Strong and Steady Population

Another reason rally sports in Kansas City might be a good choice is the area’s steady and consistent population. The city itself has a population of around 486,404, while the metropolitan area is approximately 1,686,000. Over the years, this population has remained remarkably consistent and rarely changes.

For example, there was just a 0.66 increase in population between 2019 and 2020. And the city has been on a consistent, steady, but not huge, population increase for many decades now. The area has a bustling economy, as well, with many employers keeping the city strong.

For instance, the IRA has a large service center that employs nearly 2,800 people in the city. The US Department of Agriculture is also present, with many labs and testing facilities. And Ford Motor Company has many factories for lower-education people that help keep the city diverse.

Beyond these companies, there are many storage facilities in the area and the headquarters of many businesses, such as Hallmark Cards, Garney Holding Company, Berinstein-Rein, Children International, and more. And the city also has many entertainment options, such as the Chiefs football team.

As a result, it should be easy for rally circuit centers to find a steady and consistent population of people who enjoy coming to their events. They can even find a Ford dealer or other businesses willing to provide sponsorship for the rally. In addition, the city is known for its love of sporting events and is very enthusiastic about new opportunities for fun.

Kansas City Has Plenty of Lodging Options

Kansas City’s sheer size and popularity as a tourist destination have made it home to a surprising number of unique lodging options. Over the years, these centers have become used to hosting large numbers of people, such as rally circuit fans coming to see a big race for a weekend.

These lodging centers are often not far from heavy equipment and repair areas, meaning that racers can also stay in the city and repair their cars before the race. Just a few of the most popular lodging options in the city include various hotels and motels, including:

  • Museum Hotel Kansas City
  • Hampton Inn and Suites Kansas City Downtown Crossroads
  • Hotel Kansas City
  • Ameristar Casino Hotel Kansas City
  • Kansas City Marriott Country Club Plaza
  • Belvoir Winery and Inn
  • Basswood Resort
  • Silver Heart Inn and Cottages
  • Sleep Inn and Suites Indoor Waterpark
  • Hotel Phillips Kansas City, Curio Collection by Hilton
  • Aloft Leawood-Overland Park

Beyond options like these, Kansas City also has a bustling and engaging AirBnB scene that should be perfect for those who cannot find a place to stay in a traditional hotel. These benefits are huge because it provides residents and visitors with the chance to see the best rally sports Kansas City offers.

Many homes that provide AirBnB services utilize Viper alarms or other systems to keep themselves safe. As a result, visitors to the area are less likely to experience robbery or any other criminal activities that may be hard to tolerate. Thankfully, Kansas City has a surprisingly low crime rate.

Kansas City Has Plenty of Unique Entertainment Possibilities

Over the years, Kansas City has become legendary for its incredible range of high-quality entertainment options. They are home to competitive and fascinating sports teams (like the Kansas City Chiefs NFL team) and host many fun options for visitors.

As a result, rally circuit fans who want the total entertainment package will have a fantastic time in this city. In addition, they can take their children and their families to these areas between races to make their vacation much more memorable. Just a few options for fun include:

  • High-Quality Barbecue – Kansas City has a legendary barbecue scene, with high-quality meats, incredible sauces, and a strong sense of community that makes it an exciting option for visitors. Those who are done with rally sports may head to many downtown destinations.
  • Huge Music Scene – Kansas City has the unique benefit of having historical connections with blues, jazz, and rock and roll. The American Jazz Museum celebrates many of these fascinating artists, and many still-working bands and musicians thrive in this charming entertainment community.
  • Art Options – While the best rally sports Kansas City has to offer may not share many fans with high art, the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art is a popular destination for many in this city. It contains over 40,000 different works of art and is debatable as the finest museum in the Midwest states.
  • Beautiful Shopping Districts – Kansas City has many gorgeous downtown areas where visitors can enjoy shopping and experience engaging and fascinating architecture. Many of the oldest buildings in the city are still standing, creating a unique historical possibility for people interested in history.

Just as importantly, the city has many mechanic shops that paint car sides for racers and fans. In this way, hardcore rally fans can cement their connection to the town and create a unique experience by forever memorializing their unique experience in this fantastic and engaging city.

Kansas City is Fairly Centrally Located

Missouri and other nearby states are uniquely centrally located, meaning that it should be pretty easy for anybody to get there. For example, it’s about equally distant from places like New York City and Los Angeles and usually not too far from other nearby and populated cities and states.

As a result, it works well for rally racers and fans because the circuit cannot be accused of favoring specific individuals. We mean that racers from all over the country should find it equally easy or difficult to get to the circuit, meaning that east or west coast drivers have no benefits.

Even better, this means that the often neglected Midwest driving community will have a better chance to shine. In addition, since so many rally circuits are located in areas far from these drivers, it will help them improve their skills, compete, and make a name for themselves in various ways.

Just as importantly, Kansas City has many auto accident injuries treatment facilities that can help manage physical harm while racing. While the best rally sports Kansas City has to offer shouldn’t be too dangerous, there are times when injuries may happen, and a hospital visit may be necessary.

Kansas City Has a Great Airport

While Kansas City is not the biggest city in the nation, it is still large enough to have an extreme and capable airport. The Kansas City International Airport is about 15 miles northwest of the city and has three runways that help handle various travel needs for those who need it.

This airport is used to handling the challenging demands of travel in and out of the city and serves as a popular option for many in the area. As a result, it should be reasonably simple to get to the site and see a race, mainly since there are plenty of great places for racing fans to stay in the city.

Just as importantly, Kansas City is a common destination for many bus lines, meaning that it should be easy for people with lower budgets to get to the city with ease. These busing destinations will vary based on your needs and the company you work with for your transportation situation.

And critically, the city also has many centers for truck clutch service that can help rally drivers after transporting their vehicle to the race center. There’s nothing worse than getting to a circuit and discovering that your car is broken down and just won’t run, no matter how hard you try.

Kansas City Has Great Public Transportation

The sheer size of Kansas City and its bustling population means it has opened up several public transportation options over the years. These choices have become very popular with not only residents but visitors, allowing them to travel without difficulty to many areas without a severe challenge.

For instance, Kansas City has a dedicated public bus line that takes residents where they want to go in the city. And there are also a handful of taxi services that help transport residents and visitors. These would be perfect for rally circuit visitors who don’t quite know where they’re going in the city.

Even better, there are many Uber and Lyft options in the city, each of which is carefully checked on regularly to ensure that they are safe. While a bit more expensive than buses and taxis, this option does provide a more individualized transportation option and is usually available very quickly.

When all else fails, racing fans and rally participants can consider GMC van rental for their needs. This option has become very popular in recent years to take people where they want to go during significant events. And rally sports in Kansas City would be a big deal and require a lot of transportation.

Are You Convinced Yet?

As you can see, the best rally sports Kansas City has to offer deserves to have a circuit that can host a variety of unique and unforgettable events. The city is open for such an upgrade and is a perfect destination for those who want to enjoy rally racing without traveling very far in the process. And many individuals are investigating this option right now to find a perfect spot for a center.

The early research shows that it would likely be very profitable, mainly if it is supported by locals who enjoy rally sports and want such a center to succeed. However, such a circuit must be welcoming to everyone who wants to participate. Thankfully, it appears that Kansas City is more than ready for a rally circuit, making this a wise investment option for anybody interested in this sport.

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