Why Police Officers Need to Stay Safe While on the Job

Police officers have a difficult job. Not only do they protect the public, but they put themselves in situations that compromise their personal safety. According to the FBI, over 60 officers were killed while on the job in 2016. That doesn’t include those were are hurt while on the job. Because of the dangers that come with this work, it’s important that officers have police duty gear that can protect them. Here are a few reasons why they need it to do their job and protect the public in the process.

Amor Vests Offer the Greatest Protection When Out on the Job

Many officers fare better when they have extra protection in the form of a vest. This allows them to work safely and protect against death and other risks. Over the past three decades, over 3,000 officers have enjoyed the protection they get from body armor for police. Strong and developed to withstand multiple situations, this is one of the best forms of protection every officer should have.

Tempered Steel Reinforces Batons, Making Them Stronger

Although body armor is popular, police officers need extra protection for their equipment to keep it working properly and ensure it stands up in any type of accident they may find themselves in. Tempered steel can be used on police batons, making them solid and reinforced. For times when officers need to break into a car or break open a window, this is important to have. For officers to ensure there’s no further problems with their equipment breaking, tempered steel does the job of making sure equipment is strong and ready for anything that lies ahead.

Body Amor Plates Offer Additional Protection
Some officers need additional protection that goes beyond their vest. In cases such as these, body armor plates can work in addition to regular body armor that they wear. Besides wearing the best, officers can choose to add plates on to give them extra protection if they believe it’s necessary. Depending on the area an officer is working in, having body armor plates is the best bet while wearing a vest because it gives them as much coverage as possible. This is the choice of the officer, but wearing body armor has saved more lives than most people realize.

According to data, over 55,000 police officers have been involved in assaults within the past decade. For these reasons, it makes sense to have as much protection as possible. This can include body armor and additional add-ons, such as plates, or quality equipment that can stand up to a variety of situations, such as tempered steel. Whatever the case may be, it’s important for officers to protect themselves from a variety of situations they’ll encounter while on the job, and having the right protection can help them stay safe and feel comfortable to serve and protect their community.

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