Month: April 2018

  • Used Boats for Sale Can Help People Find an Affordable Way to Begin a Lake at the Life

    The trip home from Minneapolis to Omaha was a reminder of how close the summer really is. In fact, by the number of times that you saw a pontoon boat for sale, you are pretty sure that the days on the lake for these Minnesotan families are not far away. And while you have never […]

  • Boat Season Is Slow to Arrive This Spring

    Last year at this time, you were out on your boat with a few brave souls who were willing to try a lattice tubing. And while the water was still very cold, the 80 degree weather helped to compensate. The tubing was less wild than it would be in the middle of summer, but it […]

  • Spring is a Good Time to Review Bike Safety

    Now that warmer weather is here, it’s time to make ready to get on the road. That also means reviewing basic safety measures, such as checking your helmet, getting the bike in shape, and making sure the tires are in good shape too. This would be the right time to order any Harley parts your […]