Boat Season Is Slow to Arrive This Spring

Marine boat carpet

Last year at this time, you were out on your boat with a few brave souls who were willing to try a lattice tubing. And while the water was still very cold, the 80 degree weather helped to compensate. The tubing was less wild than it would be in the middle of summer, but it was still a great time. This year, however, the weather does not allow for any kind of boating.
In fact, this spring the weather has been so bad that you have even had time to replace and upgrade the boat flooring. In other years when you have been tempted to take the boat on the lake even when you probably should be home getting things done. The cold and rainy, and sometimes snowy, weekends this year, however, have kept you stuck inside working on all kinds of projects. When the weather finally does get warm enough to head out to the lake your family and friends are going to be impressed with how great the boat looks. From the new boat flooring to the high polish on all of the metal parts to how great the leather seats look, it is evident that you have had a chance to get your boat ready for a busy summer.

New Boat Carpet and Other Upgrades Can Add to the Value and Beauty of Your Investment

Whether you are looking at marine carpet for boats or are considering purchasing an aqua mat for the dock area, there are lots of boat owners who are more than ready for the warm spring weather to finally arrive. After what seems like the longest winter ever, lots of people want to make sure that they get out on the lake as soon as possible.

From college tailgating parties to much more serious days on the lake for fishing, the weather often dictates when you get your boat out. Did you know, for instance, that the University of Washington fans have been tailgating on their boats since the 1920s? In fact, on a typical fall Saturday you can find the waters outside of Husky Stadium dotted with a variety of kinds of watercraft full of fans waiting to cheer on their favorite Husky football players.
The latest statistics show that more than 87 million U.S. adults participate in recreational boating on a regular basis. This means a whole lot of people who are anxious for the weather to warm up and cooperate!

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