Spring is a Good Time to Review Bike Safety

Tires for motorcycle

Now that warmer weather is here, it’s time to make ready to get on the road. That also means reviewing basic safety measures, such as checking your helmet, getting the bike in shape, and making sure the tires are in good shape too. This would be the right time to order any Harley parts your bike might need for repairs. And talking of getting in shape, it’s also time to review your own fitness routine, for maximum control on the road.

Time to review safety gear
Bike safety begins with personal gear, especially your helmet. Helmets should meet U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard (FMVSS) 218. Manufacturers put a DOT symbol on the back of the helmet on the outside as well as a permanent label inside. Besides the thick polystyrene-foam lining and chinstraps required by FMVSS, some helmets have face shields. These can protect your face and especially the eyes from wind, rain, insects, dust, and stones on the road.
Besides helmets, protective gear can include motorcycle goggles and leather or denim motorcycle apparel that fully covers arms and legs. Gloves and boots protect the feet and hands. It’s a good idea to check if the the reflective strips on your clothing needs to be renewed. These help motorists and truck drivers to see you more clearly, especially in bad weather or in the dark.

Checking bike safety
Early spring is a good time to give your bike a thorough once-over and to order any Harley parts that may be needed for repairs. Motorcycle brakes and tires are essential for a smooth and safe ride. Balance should be checked every 500 to 1,000 miles, as improper balance can reduce the life of motorcycle tires. Finding a good motorcycle parts supplier can be an important part of maintaining your bike in good condition.
The regular safety routine before every ride should include checking the tire pressure and tread depth, hand and foot brakes, headlights, signal indicators, and fluid levels. Cargo should be secured and balanced and trie pressure should be adjusted for the load. And finally, you need to be in your best physical and mental condition. For riding safe you need balance, coordination, and good judgment. That can mean starting up or fine tuning your own personal fitness routine

Spring is here and that means another year of adventures on the raid. This is the time to review motorcycle safety and to order any Harley parts that may be needed to keep your bike in top condition.

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