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Single hog hunt

Hog hunting has become increasing popular in recent years as reality television shows have glorified the hunt and the money to be made in the process. Wild hogs create an immense amount of damage throughout the areas where they are found. The USDA reports there is an estimated $1.5 billion in damage nationwide from depleted crops, infested water, and lost animals. Wild hogs will eat anything, which makes them extremely dangerous to livestock.

Hogs also cause a great deal of damage because they reproduce so quickly. One adult female hog can have from 12 to 20 piglets each year. They are found in 77 counties throughout Oklahoma making them a serious problem.

An estimated 13% of Americans hunt or fish each year. That accounts for roughly 15.5 million people. There are now companies in place that will plan a hog hunting trip for an individual or groups. They provide instruction on how to hunt feral hogs if it is a new experience. They then provide guidance through the areas where the wild hogs can be found and how to track them down. Interested parties can book a hunt Oklahoma throughout the year since they are a consistent problem.

There was one story of a turtle farmer that was almost put out of business when a group of wild hogs broke through the fence of his farm and ate his entire stock of turtle eggs and youngins for that year. He actually paid hunters to come into the property around his farm and kill as many hogs as they could find.

Oklahoma hog hunting is a serious business and farmers and property owners want them gone. In addition to destroying crops and killing small animals, the hogs are very aggressive and can pose a threat to small children or even adults that unknowing come upon a wild hog. Wild boar hinting trips can be as independent or as inclusive as you are interested in based on your personal level of experience as a hunter.

Wild board hunting provides a rush that is not offered in many other hunting experiences because of the danger. Wild hogs will attack back; they don’t always run away when being hunted as deer will. You can book a hunt Oklahoma to experience the rush of tracking down the wild boar while helping area farmers.

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