Why You Should Be Riding a Honda Powersports Vehicle

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For American adults, motorcycles are one of the simple means left to explore the country firsthand by vehicle. The wind beating against your body and your motorcycle pressing forward against the road — it makes for an experience unlike any other.

Every single year, motorcyclists cover more than 1.5 billion miles on their bikes. With the average motorcycle owner taking their bike out for at least 100 rides a year, whether for commuting or for recreation, the investment in a motorcycle is proven to be a sound one. If you’ve considered buying a bike, joining the 22% of motorcycle owners purchased their bikes as first-time buyers, then you should consider looking for a local Honda motorcycle dealer.

Whether you’re looking for a new bike or a used motorcycle for sale, a Honda Powersports dealership is the right way to go when first looking into a bike. Their road bikes have long proven themselves as quality machines, no matter if you’re looking for a touring, adventure, cruiser, or sport motorcycle:

Larger bodies meant for extreme comfort during long-term rides (look towards the top-of-line Gold Wing)

Built and designed for any hill and every corner (try out the CRF250L or Africa Twin)

Retro look matched with the untouchable power of a V-twin engine (you can’t go wrong with the Fury or Shadow Line)

Race-bred engineering encased in beautiful red bodies (experience the power of the CB1100 EX or Interceptor)

These bikes, which feature an immeasurable history of engineering paired with the choice of personal characteristics defined by the owner, can create the perfect, complete ride for any motorcyclist, no matter your preferred terrain.

While some riders (30%) choose to take care of their bikes themselves,
others put their trust in motorcycle repair shops. Motorcycle repair shops, which, per expectations, focus primarily on the maintenance and repair of bikes, can help you ensure that your bike is in tip-top shape for every ride. While their is a usefulness in knowing how to take care of simple repairs yourself, motorcycle repair shops can effectively fix any larger issues with your bike, as well as giving you useful information regarding the upkeep of your vehicle. Most Honda dealers will come equipped with motorcycle repair shops, that can certify that your bike is street ready before purchasing, as well as assessing any future repairs that might need to have an eye kept on them.

If you’re looking for off-road exploring with four tires, all without ditching that powerful motorcycle feel, than an all-terrain vehicle (ATV) might be what you’re looking for. With engines ranging anywhere from 49cc to 1000cc and 49cc to 700cc (for two stroke engines), ATVs provide a unique experience in tearing up some dirt and brush while being able to experience nature firsthand. To make life easier, regarding the search for an ATV for sale, Honda is one of the most reputable ATV dealers. With choices between their Sport and Rec/Utility ATV classes, you can decide what type of exploration you’re looking for — their Sport series is meant more for speed, agility, and tackling challenging terrain, while the Rec/Utility series is designed more for reliability, power, and backwoods work.

Regarding maintenance and repairs, most motorcycle repair shops should be able to help you with simple issues, since they tend to look over most powersport vehicles (motorcycle, ATV, and scooter). If you’re unsure, check ahead of time to be sure.

No matter your choice of vehicle — two wheels or four wheels, on road or off road — you can’t be the style, reliability, and engineering that comes with a Honda Powersports vehicle.

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