Cheap Champagne, Classy Gentlemens Clubs and the Lure of Dwight Howard

610 sports radio

Sports radio 610 could be right in the middle of the meltdown of the offseason. Will he fly into Rocket airspace or not? Dwight Howard has once again taken over the discussion of free agency moves as he debates signing with the sports radio 610 hometown Rockets.

And before we even look at the basketball aspect, do not forget that this “recruitment” has brought out the celebrities and the mildly famous in their attempt to get D12 to move (or stay) as the case may be. Did the nation really know who Slim Thug was before he attached his twitter star to D12 and his free agency?

In a bizarre series of tweets from Slim Thug, that have nothing to do with interesting sport facts, the cost of living and lifestyle comparisons have been laid out for Howard, including the price of Rose champagne, the quality of the “gentlemans” clubs and the states tendency to lessen financial obligations to “baby mamas” in Texas.

Reports are now showing up that Howard has additional business considerations to look at, all because Yao Ming was courting the next potential big man in Houston. Yao supposedly has started rumors of a D12 sneaker in mainland China, talk about merchandising deals to boost your income. And lest we forget the salary considerations, there is also lots of talk about the tax advantages of a Houston residence that does not have a state income tax.

The irony is that Dwight Howard is not the defensive player that he once was. Game film shows he gets lazy on the multiple picks that younger faster squads have been throwing his way. His game changing defense all but disappeared before the offseason got started and now he is the darling of every free agency rumor to hit sports radio interviews. Like any all American sports fan, we will see if he opts for cheaper champagne and a line of Chinese sneaks or the fame and glitz of Hollywood.

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