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Do you know those types of sports fans who are so into it that they know all kinds of weird sports facts, and can tell you the height, weight, and DOB of every player on the 1928 New York Yankees? No matter how hard you try to stump them they answer every question while peppering their responses with some pretty funny sports facts.

If you know people like this, they are the types of sports fans for which Fox Sports Radio Online was created. While older sports fans may look back with nostalgia upon the nights they spent fighting the static to listen to their favorite teams trying desperately to be the mighty Yankees. However, time often tends to obscure the negative things and accentuates the good times, especially when it comes to our passions. But how fun is it to monkey around with antennas and static to pick up a baseball game?

In reality, sports fans should consider themselves lucky that they live during a time when Fox Sports Radio Online offers a superior alternative to AM Sports radio. With Fox Sports Radio 610 it is even acceptable to miss a game from time to time, because it offers a variety of media that includes downloads, podcasts, and video. So in the event that you are unable to catch a game you can get all the coverage you missed, and more, well after you team has taken one more loss to the Yankees.

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