What Makes Hockey And Ice Skating Some Of The Most Enjoyable Sports For Children?

Sports you can play in and around your own home are more popular than ever. How come?

Sometimes you just don’t have the time to pack your bags and go halfway across the city to enjoy a few hours at your favorite skating rink. Some families have children that are taking an active interest in hockey and want to engage in the sport multiple times per week. When you learn how to build a backyard ice rink you learn how to make the most out of your surroundings and really bring out the best hockey has to offer. Before you start looking into homemade ice rinks or backyard ice rink products consider taking a look at the list below.

There are a lot of benefits to enjoying the sport of hockey whenever you feel like it!

Did You Know?

Quite a few people are embracing the ability to duck outside and enjoy all the benefits of hockey or ice skating without traveling for miles. Multiple studies have revealed this gradual shift toward a healthier lifestyle, particularly in a country that is grappling with some of the lowest rates of exercise seen to date. Fathers today have more than tripled their time spent on child care, with over 70% of mothers now working away from home. The backyard ice rink is just one of many ways to spend time with the family while providing a healthy dose of aerobic activity.

Hockey And Ice Skating Are More Popular Than Ever

What makes hockey and ice skating so popular? It has a little something to do with the thrill of being on the ice, a skill that takes practice to hone and becomes utterly addicting once the basics are covered. According to studies provided by USA Hockey, nearly 520,000 people registered to play during the 2013-2014 season. Another study found over 10 million people over the age of six going ice skating in 2014. Ice hockey has rather mysterious origins, with some stating the version of the game we know and love was played by the French and the Irish in the 1700’s. Others claim it was invented in the 1800’s in Canada.

Children Today Are In Dire Need Of More Exercise

Homemade ice rinks aren’t just fun. They’re a wonderful way to encourage your children to get more exercise. According to the U.S. Department Of Health And Human Services, just one out of three children are physically active every day. They also spend more than seven and a half hours per day in front of a screen, ranging from cellphones to tablets. A mere one out of five homes have parks located within a half-mile, with the same number having a fitness or recreation center within that distance.

Being Invested In A Sport Is A Great Social Activity

What about your children’s social life? If you’re worried they’re not making friends or learning vital social skills, learn how to build a backyard ice rink and put those fears to rest. Over 65% of youth sports participants in a recent survey stated they take part in hockey and ice skating to spend more time with their friends. Back in 2016 over 35,000 boys and 10,000 girls participated in a high school ice hockey program in the United States, making it one of the most popular youth sports alongside soccer and basketball.

You Can Build An Ice Rink In Your Own Backyard

When you learn how to build a backyard ice rink you learn how to create regular access to a healthy, fun sport for your children. Sports are an ideal way to improve cardiovascular health and prevent heart disease, the number one cause of death in the United States. This figure only gets higher with family genetics, chronic stress and obesity. There are backyard ice rink tarps, backyard rink liners and accessories all designed to make building your own location a breeze. Not unlike taking care of a pool or a court, upkeep is simple and will go a long way in preserving your work.

Ready to learn how to build a backyard ice rink? It’s time to get healthy and have fun!

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