Safely Flying Your Drone In the United States

Drones have become incredibly common in the United States, used for a number of purposes. They are as popular among children as they are among adults, and many people use drones with cameras to capture special moments in their life. With each passing year, the consumption of drones grows, with the number of drones owned by the general popular expected to reach two point eight million and exceed that number in recent and coming years. Just between the short span of a year between the year of 2014 and the year of 2015, drone sales climbed by more than sixty percent (sixty three percent, to be exact) and there were nearly half a million (four hundred thousand) drones purchased as Christmas and holiday gifts during the winter of 2015. With the drone industry currently worth more than three billion dollars, there are now more than seven hundred thousand drones in the United States alone.

In coming years, this number is anticipated to grow exponentially and drone hobbyists become more and more prevalent. By the time that we reach the year of 2020, less than two full years from the current year of 2018, it is expected that the number of drones will reach, then exceed, seven million in total. Hobbyist drone buyers are expected to climb above four million as well, up from the nearly two million accounted for in the year of 2016 by more than half.

If you are interested in drone flying, as many people have recently become, it is important that you follow the standards and precautions of drone flying that are in turns recommended and required to be taken. Taking these precautions will help to avoid the need for drone repair, as drone repair can be expensive and time consuming – and if drone repair can be avoided it should be. For one, if your drone weighs over a half of a pound, it must be officially registered with the FAA. This will help them to keep tabs on the total numbers of sizable drones in the country, and help them to identify and even eliminate any risks that these drones may pose in the future. To avoid the need for drone repair you should also be mindful of where you are choosing to fly your drone. Unrelated to the need for drone repair, but your must be incredibly extra careful when flying your drone near an airport, be it a large one or an airport of a smaller size. In fact, you are legally required to contact both the airport and nearly control tower or towers if they are planning to use and fly their drone within a distance of five miles of the nearest airport or heliport. This helps to reduce the risk of drones to planes and other aircraft, preventing injury and damages (such as those that would require the need for drone repair).

If your drone does become damaged in a significant way, you should seek out services for drone repairs at a drone repair shop. There, professionals can help to restore your drone to its original quality in a much more efficient and effective way than you would likely be able to. They will also likely be able to give you tips and advice on how to avoid the need for a future drone repair, something that every drone owner should always be keeping in mind. And though drones have become immensely popular – and for good reason, too – in the Unite States, it is important to fly your drone safely. Not only is this a good practice safety wise, it will also prevent you from needing to seek out drone repair services for your drone, saving yourself a considerable amount of money in the long run. Drone repairs happen, and fortunately through drone repairs the damage can often be mitigated. But you should look to mitigate the need for drone repairs, as avoiding drone repairs will be hugely beneficial to you in the long run. Avoiding the need for drone repairs can also help to maintain the quality of your drone for longer as well.


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