7 Tips When Buying a Snowmobile

Are you worried about getting ripped off when you buy a snowmobile?

Buying a snowmobile is no small investment.

It’s not like buying a car that will get you from point A to point B. On the contrary, it’s a ride that you want to enjoy while getting to point B.

Regardless if it’s for fitness or fun (or both), you need to pick a snowmobile that will not disappoint you.

Allow us to help you with these 7 tips when buying a snowmobile. Read on and buy one that you can proudly flex on your Instagram.

1. Be Honest with Your Budget

While you know you can afford the snowmobile, have you also considered gas and oil? How about spare parts? You need to add these factors when deciding to get a snowmobile.

Be honest with yourself and understand how much you can realistically shell out. You certainly don’t want a brand new and latest snowmobile model sitting out most of the sledding season.

2. Do Some Online Research

With your budget now defined, you can start your search online. For example, you can search for “arctic cat dealer” or “Powersports dealership near me.”

Come up with a couple of choices before heading straight to the dealer. Your research becomes even more valuable if you’re planning to buy a used one.

Check the price range. Compare the prices of the models that you want with other stores. Read reviews of people who have used them so you have a better idea of how the snowmobile will perform in the long run.

3. Brand New or Brand Used

The big difference between getting a brand new motor sled and a used one is that the former is still yet to be proven. Even famous brands have some lemons among their models. And you don’t want to be the first one experiencing it.

If you’re going the used snowmobile route, you can always check with your Arctic Cat dealer first for a used model of this brand. The same goes for other manufacturers. They have in-depth knowledge of their sleds.

4. Accessorize Your Way

How are you planning to use your snowmobile? Will you be using it for traveling? Or are you planning to have someone ride with you?

Snowmobiles usually come with standard accessories. However, if you have specific things in mind like an extra booster seat, you should consider that in your purchase, too.

Sometimes dealers will give you a better deal if you get accessories from them too.

5. First Impressions Last

A good rule of thumb when purchasing anything is to trust your instincts. Your guts will tell you if you’re in for a good buy. If you don’t like how the sled looks the first time you look at it, it’s best to check other models.

Don’t confuse your intuition with excitement, though. Too much excitement can cloud your judgments. It’s important when getting a used snowmobile. No amount of paint can hide an abused sled from your intuition.

6. Check the Hood

For a used sled, do a visual inspection first. Is the engine dirty? Are there oil patches? Clean engines indicate that the previous owner took care of them.

Get a compression test done. It will tell you if the engine is healthy.

Whether the snowmobile is new or used, ask for a test drive around the track. It’ll help you gauge better if this is the sled that you’ll enjoy for a long time.

7. Ask Questions

Remember tip number one earlier? Put it into action. Don’t always accept the price of the snowmobile laid out to you. Haggling is a norm in the sledding community.

If you’re planning to head to your nearest Arctic Cat dealer, be sure to ask for a model that’s both reliable and durable. The same goes for other dealers.

For used sleds, it’s crucial to ask for details about the previous owner. The age of the person who used the snowmobile can give you great insight into its condition.

Buy a Snowmobile With Confidence

Whether you’re buying your snowmobile from one of the Arctic Cat dealers in Michigan or a PowerSport dealership, you’ll find these 7 tips very helpful. You’ll have the confidence to ask the right questions. You know that the model you’re buying is a perfect choice because you made an intelligent decision.

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